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Ghost Detector

Ghost Detector is a game that uses your mobile’s camera and sensors to locate energy sources.

Ghost Locator

Haunted Houses? Do you visit ghost towns? Do you like adventures with ghosts? Detecting the paranormal is your thing? download now the ghost locator app !! It’s free!!

Psychophony recorder

Have you ever managed to record a psychophony? Are you curious and want to make one? Psychophonies, paraphonies or electronic voice phenomena (EVP) very diverse theses

Radar Ghosts

They can use this paranormal tool during long paranormal investigations, save their different data, recordings and area graphs.

Ghosts in photos

Ghost in photos is a free photo editor edit ghosts in your photos easily and enjoy sharing these photos for jokes


Consult with the tarot about love, money, spirituality, health or work. Spins on the past, present and future with the Tarot.

Bromas telefónicas

Phone pranks, create your own phone voice pranks with background sounds and music and share them however you want.

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